Tokyo Stroll Island TOSHIMA MapTokyo Stroll Island TOSHIMA Map

Let’s take a stroll on the island of Toshima!


Toshima is a small island just 140 km south of Tokyo that can be walked around in its entirety in less than 3 hours. The terraced forest of camellia japonica makes the entire island look like a finely managed Japanese garden. If you walk up the hilly roads, the panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and the Izu Islands enchants you from various locations. Please enjoy walking around the island, and find the best route of your choice.

Live video from Toshima

Mountain side view from Toshima Agricultural Cooperative
Tokyo Stroll Island TOSHIMA Map No.1 Toshima Village Historic Museum No.2 Labor and Welfare Center No.3 Community Center No.4 Toshima Elementary School/Junior High School No.5 Toshima Village Hall No.6 Toshima Fishery Cooperative No.7 Toshima Agricultural Cooperative No.8 Camellia Japonica Oil Refinery Plant No.9 Moriyama Souvenir Shop No.10 Nakayoshi Play Park No.11 History Park of Hashike Boat and Ocean No.12 Azusawakenomikoto Shrine No.13 Hamanomiya Shrine No.14 Hachiman Shrine No.15 Donoyama Shrine No.16 Azusawakenomikoto Hongu Shrine* No.17 Oyama-koyama Shrine** No.18 Orinobori Shrine*** No.19 Chokyu Temple No.20 Kamiyotsubaki No.21 Mt. Fuji Observation Platform No.22 Hitoyasumi Observation Platform No.23 Sunset Observation Platform No.24 Port Observation Platform No.25 Minamigayama Picnic Site No.26 Usuigo Picnic Site No.27 Mt. Miyatsuka South Trail Entrance No.28 Mt. Miyatsuka East Trail Entrance No.29 Lookout at the Summit of Mt. Miyatsuka No.30 Port Waiting Room No.31 Heliport No.32 Lighthouse No.33 Toshima Port No.34 Water Purification Plant No.35 Medical Clinic No.36 Police Substation No.37 Post Office No.38 Recycling Center No.39 Oishi-yama Ruins No.40 Kekkei Ruins
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Tokyo Stroll Island TOSHIMA
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Tokyo Stroll Island TOSHIMA Introduction (Japanese version only)

Toshima is a sustainable island that coexists with camellia japonica trees.
Please take any trash you came across during your stroll with you. Thank you for your cooperation.
Toshima Village Historic MuseumIntroduces the history of Toshima from different perspectives. You can also see a diorama model display of Toshima.
Labor and Welfare CenterA community lounge for the islanders. You can enjoy bowling here.
Community CenterA public space for the island gatherings. It is also used for weddings and funerals.
Toshima Elementary School
/Junior High School
Routinely used as the practice field for sports-related activities for adults after school hours.
Toshima Village HallToshima Village was established during the Taisho era, but people started living on this island in the Jomon period.
Toshima Fishery CooperativeHorned turban shells and Japanese spiny lobsters are the main catches of the island.
Toshima Agricultural CooperativeA shop where most of daily supplies are being sold. Camilla japonica seed oil “Kamiyotsubaki” of Toshima can be found here.
Camellia Japonica Oil Refinery PlantAll seeds collected from Toshima camellia japonica trees are carefully selected and extracted here, to make camellia japonica seed oil.
Moriyama Souvenir ShopThe only souvenir shop on the island. A good place to stop by for an ice cream or a coffee during the stroll.
Nakayoshi Play ParkA playground with swings and a slide for children. A public toilet is also available here.
History Park of Hashike Boat and OceanExhibits a boat known as “Hashike” that was used before the port was constructed. You can view Oshima and Mt. Fuji from here.
Azusawakenomikoto ShrineThe largest shrine on the island which pays homage to the god Azusawakenomikoto. (A national tangible cultural property)
Hamanomiya ShrineA shrine to pray for the safety of family members leaving the island and sea voyages.
Hachiman ShrineThe only shrine among the shrines of the Izu islands that hosted Yabusame archery ritual at one time.
Donoyama ShrineA shrine that pays homage to a god who was enshrined in a private residence in Toshima at an early period during the Meiji era.
Azusawakenomikoto Hongu Shrine*The “goshintai” (object of worship believed to contain the spirit of god)of this shrine is believed to be Mt. Miyatsuka itself.
Oyama-koyama Shrine**Known as the mountain and sea god, Oyamatsumi, is worshipped here.
Orinobori Shrine***A place that worships the princess of Azusawakenomikoto, Orinobori. Islanders visit this shrine when they finish the mountain trail.
Chokyu TempleThe one and only temple of Nichiren sect temple on the island constructed in 1504.
KamiyotsubakiThe earliest known camellia japonica tree on the island. The tree itself has already decayed and only a small root remains.
Mt. Fuji Observation PlatformLocated in front of the recycling center on the way to the heliport.
Hitoyasumi Observation PlatformOffers a panoramic view with many benches.
Sunset Observation PlatformA great spot for a photo opportunity on the west side of the island where you can view a remarkable sunset.
Port Observation PlatformLocated along the road that goes around the island, up the path from History Park of Hashike Boat and Ocean.
Minamigayama Picnic SiteA viewpoint with a vista selected as one of New 100 Landscapes of Tokyo. A public toilet area is available here.
Usuigo Picnic SiteA viewing area with an observatory platform. A public toilet is available here. This facility’s construction was inspired by a “belief for the ancient deity.”
Mt. Miyatsuka South Trail EntranceStarting point of an easy winding mountain trail. Elementary school children challenge the summit from this entrance every year.
Mt. Miyatsuka East Trail EntranceStarting point of the steepest trail up Mt. Miyatsuka among a few. Located near Orinobori Shrine where people visit to show gratitude for the trail.
Lookout at the Summit of Mt. MiyatsukaThe island of Toshima itself is a mountain called Mt. Miyatsuka with its summit being the highest point of the island.
Port Waiting RoomKnown as “senmachi” by the islanders, this place is an important location for receiving supplies and welcoming travelers from Takeshiba (Tokyo) and Shimoda (Shizuoka).
HeliportTokyo Ai-land Shuttle connects Toshima and Oshima with one round trip a day.
LighthouseAn unmanned lighthouse located on a hill behind Toshima port. You will see a ladder reaching the road that goes around the island.
Toshima PortAll boats, including those used for fishing and for swimming with dolphins, utilize this port.
Water Purification PlantSince there are no rivers or water springs in Toshima, domestic water is supplied by filtering rainwater and purifying seawater.
Medical ClinicThe only clinic on the island.
Police SubstationThe only police substation on the island.
Post OfficeThe only post office on the island. ATM access can only be found here.
Recycling CenterRecycles materials such as metal products and cars.
Oishi-yama RuinsRuins from the early Jomon era to the Kofun period. This ruins is designated as an important historical property of Tokyo.
Kekkei RuinsPit dwellings from the middle of the Yayoi period, and pottery, ironware, obsidian, from the Jomon period have been discovered here. Also designated as an important historical property of Tokyo.